Let’s design for humans!

UX is a forever changing field, and the discipline has evolved considerably over the past couple of years. Desktop and mobile, mouse and touch, web and native, and the list goes on…

One aspect of UX which remains the same is the user, or humans as a term I would personally prefer to use. “Humans” are complicated – living busy lives, eager for delight, and at times suffering from frustration. “Users” sounds too abstract and easy to dismiss, so let’s design for humans!

To design for humans we need to factor in their feelings – designing for delight and alleviating frustration where possible.

Of course we need to design with functionality in mind, but equally, in our role as designers of experiences, we should include a focus on delight.

In an always-on, connected world the temptation to shift to competing products and services is always at our fingertips. If we don’t design for delight – putting experience design at the heart of our process – we run the risk of losing customers in what is often a cut-throat world.

Equally, if we position delight at the heart of what we create, we can ensure that our customers, humans, remain with us for the long haul. The bottom line? Invest in delight and the rewards will be indisputable.

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